Friends of Proyección Network (RAP)

Centro Social y Librería Proyección is a bookstore and social center that has existed in the heart of Santiago since it first opened its doors in 2011. The space is maintained by a volunteer collective of more than fifteen professionals of diverse backgrounds that collaborate with their personal knowledge, skills, and interests.

Over the past seven years, the bookstore has developed an extensive and unique catalog. It receives books from a wide range of editorials, functioning as a crucial point of sale for smaller editorials that often experience difficulty finding places to sell their books in a permanent manner. Furthermore, Proyección offers a specialized catalog which members of the collective and of organizations that utilize the space frequently consider useful for the development of their cultural and social perspectives.

The Social Center facilitates three rooms for meetings and one large multipurpose room for activities, workshops, and presentations. The space is used free of charge by cultural initiatives and social organizations in the Metropolitan Region, some of which were even founded within the walls of Proyección. Among the more than one hundred and twenty five organizations that have counted on Proyección, we can mention Londres 38 Espacio de Memorias, Colectivo Autogestión Libre-Mente, Sindicato de Trabajadores a Honorarios de la Universidad de Chile, Observadores de Derechos Humanos, Kom Kim Mapudunguaiñ, Festival de Cine FECISO, Grupo de Amigas y Amigos de Reinalda Pereira, and dozens of literary workshops and other creative initiatives.

As a way of extending and consolidating our relationship with the community, we have created the Red de Amigas & Amigos de Proyección (RAP) (Friends of Proyección Network), that brings together people and organizations that make a monthly contribution in order to keep this space alive. If you decide to join RAP, in exchange for a monthly donation you will receive a monthly bulletin with events and activities as well as various other benefits, such as discounts and books. Most importantly you will be funding everyday expenses and infrastructural improvements of a crucial space for hundreds of organizations and thousands of people.

The benefits of participating in the Red de Amigas & Amigos de Proyección vary depending on the amount of your monthly contribution and are as follows:

  • $2.000: RAP membership card
  • $5.000: RAP membership card and 10% discount
  • $10.000: RAP membership card and 15% discount
  • $20.000: RAP membership card, 15% discount and you get to be one of 100 readers for Proyección*, receiving a book every month at your home.
  • $50.000: RAP membership card and 20% discount and you get to be one of 100 readers for Proyección*, receiving a book every month at your home.
  • $100.000: RAP membership card and 30% discount and you get to be one of 100 readers for Proyección*, receiving a book every month at your home.

¡Be part of Red de Amigas & Amigos de Proyección!    

*To celebrate the launch of RAP, we have a special campaign: 100 READERS FOR PROYECCIÓN, which consists of a unique and select group of 100 people who contribute $20.000 CLP or more monthly. Besides the benefits of RAP, these people will receive a book every month in their home, carefully selected and reviewed by the Proyección team.

Paypal accepts credit cards and supports recurring donations (for recurring donations, a PayPal account is required)..

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